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June 2023:
That historic email!

December 2022:
RPC Farmer Field School at Chadza
A new promise, a new challenge!

September 2022:
Our quiet I‑2 vaccine team

May 2022:
Raising awareness of the humble backyard chicken!

December 2021:
A few last words before midnight!

August 2021:
A Big Thank You!
Chickens for Change!

July 2021:
Where to now?...

June 2021:
I‑2 for village chickens!

May 2021:
Chickens for Change - Photography Competition!

January 2021:
The I‑2 vaccine is back on the shelves!

December 2020:
The wet is here at last!

November 2020:
Breaking records - Village Poultry for Better Livelihoods in Mchinji!

August 2020:
Chickens for Change - Photography Competition - Results are in!

June 2020:
RPC is in Mchinji - Get snapping!

April 2020:
"Chickens for Change - Photography Competition"

December 2019(2):
"The Life You Can Save"

December 2019:
As another year winds down...

August 2019:
Chickens for Africa - Results are in!

August 2019:
Vaccine shortage averted.

Not so recent:

A quarter million chickens
and counting...

How an Australian vaccine is helping rural communities in Africa.
Celia Grenning explains.

Does I-2 really work?
Yes, and here's how...