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Oh no! Not another Chickens-for-Africa photographic competition!


Chickens for Africa
Fundraising photography competition 2019

Yes! Together with our friends at Kyeema, we are launching the 2019 "Chickens for Africa" fundraising photography competition. We have had a tremendous response in previous years and we hope this continues.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of village poultry for rural communities in Africa.

There will be two categories: professional and amateur. There will be nominal prizes for the top few entries. (Full terms and conditions here).


You're not much of a photographer? Then please consider donating a small amount towards our fundraising target of $10,000.


$10: Delivers training for a household in village chicken keeping practices including Newcastle disease control.

$30: Buys a household chicken starter kit: 1 rooster, 3 hens, 1 year's vaccination against Newcastle disease.

$100: Trains and equips a community vaccinator to vaccinate village chickens, a sustainable business that benefits the entire community.

And a pledge of up to a few hundred dollars over a couple of months would do absolutely wonderful things for our RPC Volunteers Program.
Or... you might be interested to support our Education and Training Program. (We have in our sights a bright young Malawian candidate for whom we hope to obtain pledges of support of about $600 twice each year for tuition fees for a Diploma in Animal Health and Production at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources).


Why via Kyeema?...
Because this is presently the only practicable method for RPC to receive electronic donations. The Kyeema Foundation is our affiliate organisation and they assist in administering our finances. They will hold the funds on our behalf and will forward the hard currency to us when we request. This is a secure and reliable process for which we as an organisation are very grateful.

Kyeema accepts both credit card and direct deposits. Check your options. For smaller amounts, credit card payments may be preferable to international electronic transfer because they generally incur a lower bank charge at the receiving end.

When you have completed this step and your deposit is confirmed by the bank, Kyeema will issue a tax-deductible receipt.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And finally, please bear with us if you have already learned of this campaign from our friends at Kyeema.

Pat Boland

26 April 2019

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