RPC copyright and linking policy

Please help us to fight poverty in Malawi. Please do spread the word about RPC's work. We want people to know about our work, our partners, our successes and our challenges.

RPC appreciates use of the RPC web site, our name and logo, our materials, electronic products and/or services in a manner which helps us help the poor.

RPC's copyright restrictions are outlined in our Terms and conditions. The copying or use of any material on the RPC web site in a manner which is false, deceptive, inappropriate, obscene or illegal is not permitted. This includes false or deceptive indications that RPC endorses or is in any way affiliated with any individual, institution, web site or services.

If you wish to copy or reproduce materials on the website with appropriate acknowledgment, please contact us for permission.

Linking to the RPC web site is encouraged using the logo shown below, which may be changed only in terms of size. Please maintain the colour, shape and other characteristics.

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