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Our impact is huge! And we can do more. But...

Time has moved on since I boasted that we might one day have an impact approaching that of a certain Bill Gates initiative on chickens. I thought about that the other day, when someone asked me how many rural households we have supported over the years. So I looked at our data since we began and here is what I found:

1.5m village chicken vaccinations
in 108,000 village household visits

That covers three districts, Ntchisi from 2014, Mchinji from 2019 and Dowa East from 2022. But in practical terms what does it mean? Well in a recent survey, we found that households which vaccinate have over 50% more chickens than households which do not vaccinate, and they produce more chickens accordingly. And twice as many of them told us that their livelihoods from chickens had improved since before we arrived on the scene. With results like that who would stop there!

So now we are planning to press on in a new area, Dowa West. But...

We can't do this alone - I have to ask for your assistance. (And maybe, with tax returns due soon in Australia, the timing is good). We get superb assistance through the Australian Government's Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) via their accreditation of Kyeema. But we do have to find our own funds to attract that support. For every dollar we put in, another five dollars can be provided under the ANCP program. Please give it a thought.

Donations, tax deductible in Australia, can be received by Kyeema on our behalf. Please start here. Any support you can provide will be keenly appreciated.

I'll close with a big thank you to our wonderful supporters. Till next time.

Pat Boland

17 June 2024

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