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A few last words before midnight!

It's that time of year again. The rain is late in Malawi this year and we (and I suspect most living creatures) are looking forward to the always welcome onset of the wet season to cool the air and green the landscape.

We are phasing down our activities in Mchinji District. We have just met with leaders and communities there who assured us that our inputs are highly valued. Looking ahead, our priority is to ensure long term impact. We now have about 100 community based poultry workers who, with our ongoing support, will continue to assist ordinary rural farmers to maximise their potential through good poultry raising practices. We are taking a cautious approach with this "exit phase" to ensure that the people we have trained retain the wherewithal to continue well into the future.

Community based poultry workers in Mchinji plan their activities.

We are looking forward to developing a new program next year in Dowa District, about 50 km north-east of Lilongwe. This has been made possible through support from the Australian government via the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (#ANCP) under which our affiliates at Kyeema are accredited. We've already started talking with District leaders there and we'll keep you informed as we go.

And we've also got other exciting plans on our radar of which I'll tell you more next time.

Wishing you well for the festive season. We'll be in touch.

Pat Boland

14 December 2021

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