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Chickens for Change Photography Competition 2022

Apologies, I'm a little bit late but I'm writing to let you know about our annual Chickens for Change photography competition which is now under way.

Theme: Raising awareness of the humble backyard chicken!

This is our main fund-raising activity for the year and we would love to see lots of people involved. It ends on 30 June, which of course aims to take timely advantage of the tax deductibility in Australia of donations to our cause. Please think about that if you haven't already.

This year our theme will be raising awareness of the humble village chicken. We know how valuable these free-range chickens are for rural people here in Malawi and we want to bring that message to people elsewhere. Your photos may be featured on our website, in our Annual Report, and in other publications and media to help us spread awareness and understanding.

As always, we acknowledge the wonderful assistance we get from Kyeema and our many other regular supporters. Rest assured we value your support however it might come:

I'll keep this brief but we'll be back soon. I want to tell you more about one of the most important sources of support we get from anywhere: that's the people who run the vaccine production unit at the Central Veterinary Laboratory. Without them, our work to improve village chicken production would be an uphill struggle to say the least. Then I want to tell you how village chickens have much less impact on the environment than many people think. Then I want to... No, I'm just joking, but truly, there is so much to be said! More soon.

With best regards.

Pat Boland

31 May 2022

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