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That historic email!

It's now 10 years since my email to four women, every one different, every one wonderful, who have guided and contributed to a cherished chapter in my career. I didn't realise at the time how that email would lay down the path I was to follow ever since. Nor did I realise how often I was to quote the concluding sentence:

"As you can see, I'll be well and truly dead before I'm half way through but it should be fun trying."

I had retired and after a few years volunteering here in Malawi, I wanted to start an initiative focusing on rural poultry. What better source of advice: Robyn Alders, Mary Young, Celia Grenning, and Rosa Costa. So I rattled off a dozen ideas that had crossed my mind at odd moments over the months preceding. It was to be the initiating moment of the Rural Poultry Centre. And much later, I looked at that list of ideas and thought "my goodness, that was my manifesto!"

With support from those four, and support from many sources here in Malawi and around the globe, together with a dedicated local team, we have set up really valuable poultry programs in Ntchisi, Mchinji, and now Dowa, which have a lasting impact on marginalised rural communities. And now we've embarked on the establishment of a Farmer Field School in rural poultry - that's a huge step with huge potential.

Yes, not half way through yet, but it's certainly been fun.

Enough except for one small plea. With less than a fortnight left in this financial year, you might consider a tax deductible donation to our cause. It can be done easily through our affiliates at Kyeema here.

Thank you so much. I'll be in touch again soon.

Incidental extra at our recent meeting with community vaccinators in Mchinji.

Pat Boland

19 June 2023

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