What's happening...

The wet is here at last!


The wet season is here again with all its beauty and occasional fury! It started with a bang this year - early rains have settled the dust and kept farmers busy. "Sorry, can't join you today - I have to sow my crops" we are hearing.


But fortunately, most of our work is done and we are looking forward to the Christmas/New Year break. Thanks to the efforts of our wonderful staff (as well of course, as our wonderful supporters) we've now completed the bulk of this year's program in Mchinji and our trained community based poultry workers, armed with their work-wear and certificates, have already gone out vaccinating chickens in villages near and far, to help prevent losses from Newcastle disease. The group pictured here is from Mikundi Extension Planning Area, one of the five we are working in. We'll be building on that next year and we'll let you know how we go.

Enough for now! In our next missive, I must tell you yet another little anecdote which once again reinforces our trust in this I‑2 Newcastle disease vaccine which we promote so keenly. But for now, let me simply wish you a joyful festive season with lots of peace and happiness.

With best wishes from the 'Warm Heart'.

Pat Boland

10 December 2020


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