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Vaccine shortage averted.

There is so much going on at RPC that we have not yet finished processing the Chickens-for-Africa photos. Our judges are working on it and we will announce the results of the competition soon.


For the moment, I just want to tell you (belatedly, I'm sorry) of a valuable little collaboration we have had in an effort to ensure village poultry farmers maximise the productivity of their flocks this year. It began at a crucial time, mid year, when demand for the I-2 Newcastle disease vaccine is at a peak. Just when the production unit required the maximum number of fertile eggs in which to produce the vaccine, egg production from its dedicated chicken flock was dwindling badly. As soon as we learned, we undertook a projection of forward estimates of vaccine supply/demand and demonstrated that the situation was indeed dire. After consultation on what options were available, we secured an alternative supply of commercial eggs to cover the period till the dedicated layer flock could be replaced. The response from Central Poultry (2000) Limited (CPL) was totally positive from the start. Their generosity and understanding in making available this emergency supply of fertile chicken eggs free of charge is gratefully acknowledged.


Shortages of the I-2 vaccine at the mid-year period of peak demand have plagued us for the past several years. It was rewarding to play such a critical role in turning things around this year. We will continue our strong collaboration with the vaccine production unit.

Enough for now! We will be in touch again soon.

With best regards...

Pat Boland

4 August 2019

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