What's happening...

Before we concede the year over...


The festive season is looming and the wet season has started in Malawi. The landscape is greening and the birds are having a party. I wanted to wish all our supporters the best before the year runs out.

I'll keep it brief but I do want to pass on one little anecdote which came across my desk the other day:

"I am so encouraged by the good news that the vaccine is working - vaccinated chickens are not dying and subsequently the demand for vaccine has increased in the villages. This is really encouraging. Thanks so much..."

The context this time is not Malawi, it is the Democratic Republic of Congo. But it so perfectly reflects what we also see here! It came in a brief email from Costa Mukendi, President of the AusCongo Network thanking Kyeema and others for their initiatives in making the I-2 vaccine available in rural DRC.

What really struck a chord with me was the words "chickens are not dying". One of the key ways in which we can boost production in rural poultry is simply to stop chickens dying.

Enough! I'm at my podium again. More next time.

May the New Year bring you peace and happiness.

With best wishes,

Pat Boland

10 December 2018

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