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Results are in! Chickens for Change Photography Competition - 2020

This year's competition was very rewarding. We were starting to worry after a fairly slow start, but in the closing weeks we were rewarded with an outpouring of interesting photos from all over the world. Thank you so much to all our loyal supporters!


Isn't that a magnificent shot. It's a long way from Malawi though! It was taken at a remote village (Choubaria) in Bangladesh where Marzina Khatun is aiming to feed her family with eggs and meat regularly. The photo was taken by Dr Soshe Ahmed, an Associate Professor at Rajshahi University in Bangladesh. Dr Soshe is a strong advocate of Newcastle disease vaccination and of the role of village chickens in rural livelihoods and nutrition.


Richard Nyoni again graces our pages with second place for this beautiful shot of Betty Mbale from Mwakabanga village in Karonga, northern Malawi. The chicken here has not just come out of the shower. It is quite healthy but has a peculiar genetic trait which makes the feathers grow back-to-front so to speak. There are several similar odd types - short legs, naked necks, and others - each of which, although of no particular production value, attract the interest of many local farmers. A big thank you to Richard and his company, Ettaric Images, for the contribution.


Third place goes to Ssali Mohamed Adda for this charming shot of him getting expert help from his daughter in feeding the family flock at their home in Entebbe, Uganda. Ssali pointed out to us how this flock helps with the domestic cash flow and saves trips to the market and associated expenses.

Thanks again to all our supporters and also our judges: Dr Rosa Costa, Leo Wiles and Samantha Paxton.

Sending you our best wishes for now. I'll be in touch again soon.

Pat Boland

15 August 2020

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