What's happening...

We are doing even more in Ntchisi!
(October 2014)

We are pleased and proud to say that another two Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) have been added to the work plan in Ntchisi. This means that our ultimate target objectives for the project will almost certainly be exceeded.

As a result of the inclusion, October was the busiest month so far on our Ntchisi program. We had to hurry to get everything rolling since in November, the rains will be here and farmers will be too busy setting up their crops to attend training sessions.

A practical vaccination session

But we can definitely say the rush was worth it. We managed to incorporate another 12 groups of villages and to train a further 31 farmers and two government field staff. As previously, the whole thing was a bit chaotic, lots of babies, lots of talk, lots of learning but just as importantly, lots of laughter and fun.

Luka Tumbwe in a class room session

Bear with me please to remember that some of our farmers have spent very little, if any, time in school. So if you want to see an energetic exchange, get 30 of them in a classroom and start a discussion on whether cockerels ever lay eggs! Just be prepared to stand aside a bit and let the debate rage!

Enough for now. The photos here will tell you more.

Pat Boland. 4 November 2014.

Do cockerels ever lay eggs?

First some class room practicals

Everyone gets a go.

T shirts are important for recognition.
"Protect your chickens from Newcastle disease"

Our second group of vaccinators.

What is TWS?

Does I-2 really work?
Yes, and here's how...

An old story now
but one of our best.