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Chickens for Change - Photography Competition

Update: Sorry, the competition is now closed. We'll announce the results soon. And don't worry if you missed it - we'll be back next year!!

We are delighted to announce our fifth annual Chickens for Change fund raising photography competition. This joint effort by RPC and the Kyeema Foundation has received great support from all around the world.


This year, our theme is "Chicken and Egg Dishes from Around the World". We want to tell the story of how people cook with chicken and eggs from all over. We want to see the ingredients, the people, the garden or the farm environments, the utensils, the kitchens - everything involved in making that special chicken or egg dish.

When you submit a photo, we would love you to give us some of the background by way of a caption or a short message about the content or the story behind your photo. Don't be shy - we know people are inquisitive and want to know more about how people 'over there' go about their daily business. This is your chance to help spread the story.

Last year's results

As usual, the proceeds from this initiative will support families and communities in Malawi or elsewhere. Please consider a donation if you can. We will very much appreciate any support you can give. But also, please be assured that support of any nature is just that, support, and very much appreciated.

[Tcg1111, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

As in the past, the competition which starts now, will finish on 30 June and the winning entries will be announced in July. We would love it if you can submit your photos via the Rural Poultry Centre website or via an email to RPC. We make the most of submitted photos by using them in our publications and presentations.

Pat Boland

17 May 2021

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