"Chickens for Africa"

A joint fund-raising photographic competition by the Rural Poultry Centre in Malawi and the Kyeema Foundation


First prize Richard Nyoni. Tap for more.

We have something to crow about!

Thanks to the wonderful support of people everywhere, we had a heartening response to our competition. We received scores of photographs and heaps of donations.

Achievement (including the matching pledge):


Congratulations to our winning entrants, Richard Nyoni, Julia de Bruyn and Marj Osborne. Thank you also to all our entrants - we really appreciate the effort.

17_julia-de-bruyn_20170516_123126_75pc480px.jpg   21_marj-osborne_pic20120116_072021_75pc480px.jpg

We hope we can do something similar another time.

And we reckon it's all well worth while - here are some reasons why.

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