How to participate in the RPC Volunteers Program:

We're really sorry but participation in our RPC Volunteers Program is quite restricted right now because of the coronavirus pandemic and the implications for human health. However, we would love to hear from any prospective volunteers who are keen to support our activities.

First we'll need to know a bit about you and your skills and interests. Please complete and submit the form below. It will give us a good start to understanding what you are aiming for and how it may fit with what we need.

Some early advice: Don't be too wordy. Be concise. Tell us what you want, what you are good at, what you know you can do. And do this with clarity and purpose. Use your own words - don't rely on flowery quotes from the internet or from 'experts'.

Please be ready to be patient. We will probably not be able to confirm a position immediately. It is only when we have confirmed funding that we will be able to go ahead with any particular program. Once a volunteer program for which you are eligible is funded, we will get back to you to check your availability for the position. If there are a number of eligible applicants, a selection panel may hold interviews to assist in that selection process.

I'm interested in volunteering. Please get back to me.

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* Gender (M/F):

* What tertiary qualifications do you hold (degrees, diplomas, certificates):
Highest qualifications first. For each, include the exact name of the qualification, the issuing institution and the year issued:

Brief summary of recent relevant work experience.
List up to 3 significant posts. For each, give the position, institution, duration, main duties:

In your own words, tell us why you feel you are well qualified to undertake the volunteer program:

You may provide a copy of your recent CV for our records
(acceptable formats: docx, doc, pdf, odt):

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