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Here in Malawi, it's the peak chicken breeding season and hens escorting their clutches are everywhere. My neighbours' hens were fossicking around the house with their chicks this morning, occasionally hiding under the bushes when the hungry hawk was lurking in the trees above. I hadn't realised how well tiny chicks can camouflage themselves amongst the dry leaves. Nor how instantly obedient they are when mother gives that alarm call.

But of course, that's not the only reason I'm writing. I just want to say please don't forget our Chickens for Africa photographic competition which has only a fortnight more to run. Send us your snaps if you can. We have not had a big response so far, so unless there is a sudden influx, you are definitely in with a chance.

You might alternatively consider a donation to the cause (tax deductible in Australia). The details are all there on the website. If anything is not clear, don't hesitate to get in touch. We are doing well so far - we have achieved over 50% of our target thanks to a small cadre of supporters.

We are also on the trail on other fronts, especially our RPC Volunteers Program. I'll tell you more about progress with that soon.

Enough for now.

"Hold a true friend with both hands" - African proverb.

With best regards,

Pat Boland

17 June 2018

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