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Malawi Tour 2017


When are you coming to visit us here in Malawi?

Because this July is a good time. Why?...

In collaboration with the tour company, Crooked Compass and ourselves, KYEEMA is organising the "Malawi Tour 2017" a 10 day adventure comprising not only some of Malawi's most idyllic travel spots but also a real-world participatory visit to see some of the people we deal with in Ntchisi. You will get a chance to vaccinate some real village chickens and chat with their owners.

If you or any of your friends are interested, please contact Crooked Compass directly soon. Since this is a first, we don't know how quickly the available spaces will fill up.

Enough for now. We'll be in touch soon with some more news.

Pat Boland
22 February 2017

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