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Who are Bart Adons and Inge Roels?

Bart and Inge.

My Belgian friends Bart Adons and Inge Roels are getting married on Saturday!

Why is this significant for the Rural Poultry Centre?

Because with thoughtfulness that I want to tell the world about, they decided that in lieu of wedding gifts, they would invite their guests to make a donation to support our work.

Some 25 years ago, Bart and I worked together here in Malawi and did a lot of cycling together. We've kept in touch since. He and Inge visited Malawi a couple of years ago and saw some of the work we have been doing.

I am humbled and so grateful for this kind gesture of support. It has already brought us several donations which collectively will be the equivalent of a slim budget for some months of our operations here in Malawi. I should also acknowledge the kind assistance we get from our affiliate organisation the Kyeema Foundation which receives and manages these donations and transfers the hard currency to us as required.

Thank you all for your wonderful support.

Pat Boland
22 September 2016

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