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We've been busy which is why it has been some time since I last wrote - apologies for that. The work in Ntchisi is going very well and I'm really pleased with the impact we are having. In terms of cost effectiveness, we are going really well. We are covering the whole district, four EPAs, on just USD $20,000 over two years. That is almost unheard of. But again, I won't burden you with a long story here. It's all elsewhere on the news section of our web site.

We have also been busy assisting some larger NGOs with their work. We provided training for front-line staff of Concern Worldwide in December and this month we assisted SSLLP in training of government field staff under a program being implemented by Total Land Care, Malawi. Our technical expertise is clearly of value.

We are also getting involved in a very preliminary way with support for small scale commercial poultry through advice on feeding. We have just published on the web site a brief paper on sample rations for poultry. It will be interesting to see the response. We plan to do more on that later this year.

Pat Boland
25 February 2015

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