Terms and Conditions for "Chickens for Africa"

"Chickens for Africa" is a joint fund-raising photographic competition open to anyone even a little bit interested in the Rural Poultry Centre or the KYEEMA Foundation.

The competition opens on Monday, 8 May 2017 and closes on Saturday 24 June 2017.

The top three entrants will receive a nominal prize consisting of a set of blank greeting cards using the respective photos as a front cover and an information note on the back cover.

To be eligible for consideration, the subject of the photo must be consistent with the theme of rural or village poultry in any location; it does not have to be Africa. Manually created graphics or photographs of paintings are eligible. Entrants may submit up to a maximum of five photographs but only one may be included in the winning three entries. Criteria for evaluation will include visual aesthetic value, composition, technical excellence, artistic merit, and impact in the context of rural poultry development.

All entries must be in digital format with a maximum file size of 6 megabytes per photo.

Photographs by staff or board members of KYEEMA or RPC, the Judging Panel, or their immediate family members, may be submitted but are not eligible for prizes.

KYEEMA and RPC will appoint a three person Judging Panel to evaluate the merits of entries. The Judging Panel will consist of persons each with demonstrable experience in photography, art, and/or rural poultry development. All decisions of the Judging Panel are final. KYEEMA, RPC and the Judging Panel will not enter into any discussions or correspondence regarding any decision in relation to the final decision. No feedback will be provided on unsuccessful entries.

Photographs with people (including children) in the photo will be accepted only if they are accompanied by appropriate releases from the individuals depicted (or parent/guardian) and copies of the signed release(s) are provided to KYEEMA or RPC. A sample release statement might be:

"I agree to having my picture taken for photo or video use, and I understand that the image may be used in a document or publication, or on the internet for educational and informational purposes. I grant permission to publish my image. Name:...... Signature:...... Date:......"

By submitting any photo and participating in this competition, you agree that

  1. The submitted photo is your own original work and does not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.
  2. The submitted photo may be published from time to time on the web site of KYEEMA and/or RPC or in their respective publications with or without editing and adjustments to suit their purposes, free of any charge, royalty or obligation.

Previously published material for which non-exclusive rights were granted may be entered as long as you still maintain the right to grant KYEEMA and RPC a license to reproduce and publish. By submitting your photo in accordance with these conditions, you grant KYEEMA and RPC a license to reproduce and publish the photo.

Submit a photo.

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